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Learn About TRICARE Reserve Select

TRICARE Reserve Select is another health insurance option offered by the Military Health System’s Defense Health Agency for qualified service members and their families. TRICARE Reserve health plans are only available to those members of the Selected Reserve and to their qualifying family members. Other TRICARE health plans are available for other service members and their families if the Reserve Select option does not apply to interested applicants.

TRICARE Reserve Select enrollment is open to those qualified service members and their family members on a rolling basis. While the TRICARE Reserve Select cost might be higher than other plan options, for example, the TRICARE Prime options, the flexibility of coverage helps many enrollees to choose from a wider range of providers.

Find Out About TRICARE Reserve Select

Getting TRICARE Reserve Select coverage might be just the right health care option for service members and their family if they qualify for this type of care. TRICARE National Guard and Reserve health care for service members and for their families ensures that everyone is covered for the medical services they regularly need plus any unforeseen emergency care. The Reserve Select plan can be used worldwide, which can also help with travel and moving overseas if that applies.

With the TRICARE Reserve Select option, you can choose the health care providers you want to see, whether they are in or out of the network. Your costs will be higher for out-of-network services, but you have the option available to you.

To get the TRICARE Reserve Select phone number and other contact details for enrolling and for benefits assistance, you can download our free in-depth guide. Getting all the details about the plan can help you to determine whether or not it is the right choice for you and for your family. You can learn all about the enrollment process, potential costs you might face and get the contact details for the specific help you might need based on your branch of service and current location.

What does TRICARE Reserve Select cover?

TRICARE Reserve Select providers offer medical services in all variety of fields and needs. You can always choose to see an in-network or out-of-network provider. While this can affect your costs dramatically, at least you have a choice based on your needs. You may not be interested in how to find a new TRICARE provider if you would like to continue to see your current one. If you already have a health care provider that you want to stay with but who is not in the TRICARE network, then this Reserve Select plan might be the perfect solution for you.

Information About TRICARE Reserve Select Vision

TRICARE Reserve Select vision benefits include one routine eye exam per year for you and for any eligible family members also included on your plan. Additional specialty services will be charged under the specialty copay or cost-sharing options, which vary based on whether the provider is in or out of network. Remember that it is always wise to confirm with a doctor’s office regarding the acceptance of your insurance plan before booking an appointment.

Details About TRICARE Reserve Select Dental

TRICARE Reserve Select benefits include all the basics you and your family need to stay healthy or to get healthy, as required. As with many health care plans, TRICARE Reserve Select dental cost will have to be out-of-pocket unless you purchase a separate dental plan. There are three different dental plans available through TRICARE that you can add to your Reserve Select plan if you choose to do so.

How does payment work with TRICARE Reserve Select?

The TRICARE Reserve Select payment options include multiple levels of costs that you could incur. First, the TRICARE Reserve Select premium is paid on a monthly basis and is charged as either an individual or as a family. You will have to pay that monthly premium in order to maintain your eligibility for this coverage. The premiums are the first level of payment required but not the only payment.

The TRICARE Reserve Select deductible is also a regular payment charged to all enrollees. You will have an annual deductible rate based on your pay grade. Those who are E1 through E4 will pay a certain rate, while those E5 and above will pay a different rate.

Finally, there is the TRICARE Reserve Select copay that is also charged based on each medical service you receive. This will vary greatly based on whether you receive services from a provider within your network or outside of it. Those in the network will have a flat copayment charged per visit. Those that are outside of the network will charge a cost share, which is a percentage of the total cost of services rendered. This could be around 20 percent of the total cost, which can certainly add up quickly.

How to Enroll in TRICARE Reserve Select

To sign up for TRICARE Reserve Select, you must first find out whether or not you actually meet the qualification standards to enroll. This is the first step in enrolling, so you have to go online, call or visit an office in person to find out if you are eligible to continue in the process. Depending on where you are currently located, you will have to contact a specific office and follow their procedures for establishing your qualifications and for obtaining the enrollment form.

If you are eligible for this plan, then you will then receive the TRICARE Reserve Select enrollment form to continue onto step two with the submission of your enrollment request. To enroll in TRICARE Reserve Select, you will have to submit that form plus your payment. The initial payment is also more than just the first month’s premium, so you have to make sure you get all of the details to correctly enroll as needed. You can find out more about contact and payment details in our free comprehensive guide right.